About Us

Fast Tomato is part of the Morrisby family, a company dedicated to helping people to realise their true potential.

Established over 50 years ago, our career guidance services have been developed to help people make important life decisions. Using a combination of questionnaires, assessments and cutting edge profiling, we give careers and education advice to help people identify and choose a career path that is right for them.

For younger students, this takes the form of recommending subjects to study and opening up the world of careers to them. We can help older students with deciding between a career straight from school, an apprenticeship or higher education and we can help adults looking for a new career direction. All of our reports and recommendations provide objective, impartial and relevant advice and identify the opportunities available.

Our products

  1. Fast Tomato

Career planning advice for young people aged 12+ based on their interests. Fast Tomato has been developed to encourage teenagers to start thinking about their future career and to make informed decisions about their options. Questionnaires take approximately 20 minutes to complete and are available on-line.

  1. Morrisby Online

A career guidance service aimed at the over 15s. Our on-line psychometric assessments offer exceptional value for money and are highly accurate. The assessment takes up to 100 minutes and can be completed over a number of different sessions. Once the tests are completed, there is a detailed report which is presented alongside a series of career suggestions.

  1. Morrisby Profile

A pencil and paper version of Morrisby Online, the Morrisby Profile is our original product. The rigorous test takes 3 1/2 hours and is then sent back to our headquarters where the results are analysed and collated. Feedback is given via a bound report and careers interview.

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