Inspire your students with Fast Tomato

Fast Tomato has been designed to help young people broaden their horizons and consider a broader spectrum of careers and education options. Students take a short psychometric questionnaire which gauges interests, attitudes and motivations. They are then offered career and education suggestions, personalised to them.

  1. Easy to use

We have designed Fast Tomato to be simple and easy to use for both students and teachers. The short questionnaire and interactive interface make lessons straightforward to plan, maximising the productive time students can spend on careers exploration.

  1. Flexible

Fast Tomato is designed to run on a wide range of different devices including PCs, iMacs, Chromebooks, iPads and Android tablets.

  1. Proven and popular

Fast Tomato is one of the most popular online careers programmes for students and teachers, and has helped millions of young people with their career choices.

  1. Supported

We run regular live demos to ensure that you get the most out of your Fast Tomato licence. We have also developed useful resources including lesson plans and video tutorials which you are welcome to use.

  1. No hidden costs

Importantly, there is one all-inclusive price for everything you need. There are no hidden costs or extras.

  1. No risk

We are so confident that you will love Fast Tomato that we offer a free trial and a money back guarantee*. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will give you a full refund (* if claimed within 30 days of purchasing your licence).

MP Gives Fast Tomato School Top Marks

Any questions?

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