Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

So students are able to fully access Fast Tomato without any issues, please ensure your IT Support Team reads through the following requirements.

Browser Support

Fast Tomato has been designed to be compatible with recent versions of Chrome, recent versions of Firefox, Safari 9+, recent versions of Edge, and Internet Explorer 11. Other standards compliant internet browsers should also be compatible.


JavaScript* needs to be enabled in users’ browsers for all our sites. This includes the use of JavaScript to make AJAX requests. In IE ensure that the option ‘Enable native XMLHTTP support’ is selected.

*Please note that JavaScript is not the same thing as Java. Fast Tomato does not require Java to be installed on clients.

Firewall and Proxy Servers

If you are accessing one of our websites through a firewall or proxy server, please ensure the following domains are added to the white-list:

  • * The main domain through which most files are downloaded.
  • * FastTomato is a Morrisby Service and some resources are accessed from our main site.


Cookies are used for authentication and therefore they must be enabled in order to use the site.

Technical Contact Information

If you have any technical queries regarding Fast Tomato please contact us