School Testimonials

  • “We use Fast Tomato as part of the support programme for Year 9 in relation to GCSE option choices. As well as providing a fun and engaging means by which students can start to explore future ideas about career, importantly the platform also enables them to see the educational pathway they need to follow to achieve their goals. Students find the specific subject options section especially helpful, as by selecting and de-selecting subject options choices, they can assess the likely impact on future careers. Additionally, the resources linked from the site are impressive and we actively encourage students to logon with their parents to both review their results, and to engage with the wealth of up-to-date careers information available.”
    Louise Badelow
    Director of Careers & Guidance
    Newstead Wood School
  • “Fast Tomato is a brilliantly designed and smartly presented tool for the classroom. It is accessible and engaging, easy to administer and manage, yet yields meaningful results carefully tailored to individual students. It is fun to use, yet is a serious product in terms of the advice, information and guidance it delivers. It is an indispensable tool at Yarm School for developing thoughts and ideas about careers, as well as generating those all important conversations.”
    Stephen Edwards
    Head of Careers
    Yarm School
  • “We have subscribed to Fast Tomato for the past couple of years and find it a very useful tool for motivating our sixth formers who are career unsure. The software has the advantage of having a post 16 section which is very useful for sixth form colleges like our own. We use it as part of an assessed careers planning module in A-Level Health and Social Care, where the report forms a piece of evidence, and with our Level 2 Pathways students, the majority of who are very unclear of their future direction. We also have Fast Tomato as a weblink on our Careers Moodle and students are directed to it by the in-house Careers Adviser, as well as it being an optional task on the HE preparation days each June. For the future, we are going to use the manager site reporting feature more effectively, to increase the usage of the software.”
    Diane Bate
    Careers Coordinator
    Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College

Student Testimonials

  • “I like the videos on Fast Tomato and learning about how people got to where they are and how they got their job. It was very useful for me as now I know how to get a job that I hadn't even considered before.”
    Student - John Spence Community High School
  • “A very useful tool for looking at different occupations and discovering new possibilities for a future career, I enjoy that you can easily change the categories to suit you, even after taking the different surveys, to help even more with finding new possibilities.”
    Student - St. Crispin's School (Wokingham)
  • “Fast tomato has helped me to consider other jobs; they have also helped me set targets for what I need to do.”
    Student - George Abbot School
  • “Fast Tomato is a very good website. I have learned more about myself through using the website, and also about what type of career choices I should make - and how to achieve these goals and ambitions. Thank-you!”
    Student - Eltham Hill School
  • “Fast Tomato has made me think about careers that I have never considered before. It has opened my eyes to how many careers are actually available in the real world.”
    Student - Woodcote High School
  • “It has given me the motivation that i needed in the career i have always thought about but was scared to follow.”
    Student - Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School