information gathering

Information gathering

After a quick sign up, students answer 72 simple questions relating to work which normally takes less than 10 minutes.

Self discovery

The student is then shown their Career Profile. This includes information on their most suitable career interests, work styles and work places. This helps them appreciate how their unique make-up can fit into the world of employment.

Self Discovery
Career Suggestions

Career suggestions

The student's unique profile is analysed against more than 600 careers and the closest matches are highlighted for further investigation. They can be 'favourited' by the student or replaced with closer matches. Any qualification discrepancies are shown and students may change the highest level of qualification they expect to achieve. This illustrates to students how important their school qualifications are in achieving their goals and career aspirations.

Career information

Extensive careers information including entry routes, video case-studies and salary are provided for each career.

Career Information
GCSE Options

Options at 13/14

In this section, students receive guidance on the best subject choices for them based on both their interest profile and their suggested or favourited career areas. Fast Tomato can be set to show GCSEs, IGCSEs, Scottish Nationals, MYP, and High School Diploma - let us know which exam type(s) you wish to show.

Options at 15/16

Here, students can view subject recommendations based on their interests and how relevant each subject is to their career suggestions and favourites. Students can also find appropriate college subjects and apprenticeships. Fast Tomato can be set to show A-Levels, Scottish Highers, IB, Pre-Us and BTECs - let us know which exam type(s) you wish to show.


Options at 18+

Whether it's further or higher education at college or university, an apprenticeship or employment - students can view all their options at 18. The suggestions are calculated from the student's career profile.

Options 18

Subject information

As with careers, subject suggestions link through to extensive background information.

Subject Information
Degree Course

Degree course search: UCAS +

A powerful search engine allows students to pinpoint appropriate courses from across the UK, as well as the Republic of Ireland and courses taught in English in Europe.

Keeping track

The planner keeps track of all the student's selections - making sure the selections and qualifications are consistent.

Keeping Track

Interview and student notes

If the school provide individual interviews there is provision to record and share the findings and action points. The student may also keep career and educational related notes in the appropriate section.



A comprehensive pdf report can be downloaded for each student highlighting their results, interpretation, suggestions, favourited careers, subjects and courses.

For the adviser

Morrisby prides itself on the support it offers advisers and careers coordinators. Advisers can monitor their student's progress, check selections, email students and download reports.

A dedicated support phone line, our own inhouse careers information team and our software development team means we are on hand to respond to enquiries quickly and effectively.


Fantastic Value

All inclusive annual price for your entire school just:

£395 + VAT*

* Licences cover a single site. Multi-site schools need to purchase a licence for each distinct location. Specialist schools with a small cohort should enquire about our small school pricing.